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Asgard Memory

MFLASH 10000mAh Portable powerbank rubberized


The compact and affordable MFLASH 10000mAh portable charger is a life saver to have for when your device needs juice! Carry the powerbank close by to give your cell phone, GPS, or any device needs is running low on power…great for travel! The sleek rubberized housing is designed to prevent scuffs and smudges and is smaller in size than a cell phone. The MFLASH 10000mAh powerbank comes with two ports out. One with a 5V 2.1A charging port and the other with a 5V 1A power rating. This allows the user to charge at different speeds, depending the on the requirements of the device. Included in the box is a micro USB cable to charge the powerbank. Works with all cell phones and many other devices. Don’t loose power and keep the MFLASH 10000mAh powerbank close by!

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